Root canals donít work on me! Iíve had several; and every time I end up getting the tooth pulled!

This may be because there are many variables you are not disclosing, and Iíll attempt to address as many as I can. First, you may have not gotten the tooth restored on a timely basis (see question 7& 9). If left unprotected, for a period of time, and then restored, you may be forced to lose the tooth prematurely. Second, how is your routine home care of your teeth? Do you brush and use dental floss every day? Recurrent decay can certainly cause degeneration and possible loss of and endodontically treated and restored tooth. Third, if you needed endodontic therapy due to an existing fracture that may be present and the treating dentist didnít use magnification; he/she may not have picked up evidence of that situation initially. This would cause eventual premature loss of the tooth later on after the restorative procedures were completed. Fourth, what are your diet habits? How much sugar do you consume on a daily basis? Constant or frequent consumption of complex sugars can affect the long-term success of any tooth, not only root canal treated teeth (tied to the second item in this section). Fifth, the treating dentist may have been less than 100% effective in removing all the nerve tissue from the tooth initially. This could cause recurrent infection with many of the same symptoms you originally felt. It takes months to years for this recurrence to occur, affecting your thinking that endodontic therapy ďdoesnít workĒ.


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